Happy New Year to you! Have a great 2014!

Well this is the time of year that we usually make our resolutions, or promises to ourselves to eat right, lose weight, get in shape, finish a degree, etc. I hope that you have made some resolutions of your own by this time.

My family and I made the biggest resolutions in the areas of health, wellness, & fitness. This month we are participating in a version  of the Daniel Fast. Today was Day 1 and I am happy to say that we did well! The Daniel Fast generally consists of fruit, vegetables, skinless chicken, and fish; with water as the beverage of choice. For a family that loves cereal with milk and wheat bread, this is quite a feat!

I’m sharing what we’re doing in hopes that it will encourage you, to improve in an area of your life in 2014. If you’re already working on improving, I applaud you. Keep it going!

Need an accountability partner for your journey? Contact me and let’s strategize for a new, improved you!

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