I only see, what I expect to see!

I took a break from working on my desktop computer in my home office. When I returned, I was startled! Why was I startled? I was startled because I did not expect to see someone else in my chair!

My adult son had politely taken up residence at my desk! Mind you he has his own desk and a laptop computer, in his room! He said, “You didn’t see me? I said, “No, because I didn’t expect to see someone in my chair! I wouldn’t make a good detective!” He said “no you sure wouldn’t!”

As an empty nester, what do you expect to see? Do you daily expect to see empty bedrooms, leftover food since you’re used to cooking for a family, and an empty calendar because you’re no longer invited to events since your children are adults?

Or do you expect to see a re-purposing of rooms in your house, a chance to try new recipes and new restaurants (especially since your food bill costs will be lower now!), and a calendar now filled with your priorities instead of your obligations?

If you would like to see what to expect differently, schedule a “Rediscover You” session with me at CoachKatrina.as.me

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