Preparing the Soul-Being Honest About the Impact of Past Relationships

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

8:00am Pacific Time/11:00am Eastern Time


5:00pm Pacific Time/8:00pm Eastern Time

Summer Series – Part One

Broken past relationships cause stress to the soul, which can unknowingly mar future relationships, if not acknowledged honestly.

This workshop is for you … if you find yourself making the same relationship mistakes or you’re afraid to try new relationships. Come work on breaking the cycle of unsuccessful relationships and free yourself from the past to make way for a future relationship.

The desired outcome is to create space and time for the soul to breathe, gain perspective, to heal, and to prepare for the future.

  • It’s free to attend
  • Christian-based
  • It’s online

I hope you can join me at one of the sessions.

Facilitator: Katrina Session, Life Coach

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